Barrows Lecture Series      The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is pleased to announce the 2011 speakers for the 19th annual Winifred and Emil Barrows Lecture Series. Once again, the prestigious lecture series will feature an exciting lineup of internationally acclaimed scientists, explorers and conservationists. Since 1993, the series has brought a slate of esteemed naturalists and scientists to Cincinnati to address wildlife issues and global conservation efforts.

Dr. Mark Moffat – Wednesday, March 23

YouTube video of botfly!!!!

Dr. Stan Rullman – Wednesday, April 6
Dr. Bill Conway -  Wednesday, April 27
Dr. David (Jonah) Western – Tuesday, May 24

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After attending, write a one page paper discussing your reaction to the lecture and answering the following questions.

What did you think of the topic?  Did you learn anything?  Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?  Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?   Would you go again?  Why or why not?