Table of Contents

Maintaining a binder is an important and required part of this class.  As we do not have the funds to purchase a textbook for each student to take home and study nightly we will create our own textbooks!  We will assemble these binders throughout the school year.  A portion of each class will be dedicated to identifying and labeling each item to be kept in each student's binder.  Since a portion of class time is devoted to binder creation and maintenance a subsequent portion of this courses grade will be based on each student's binder.  Please refer to Binder Organization and Binder Rubric for additional grading requirements.  There will also be a Binder Assess each unit grading the organization and completeness of each binder.  

Students are responsible for making sure copies of all items listed on the Table of Contents can be found in the correct location in their binder.  If a student is missing an item they may check the corresponding unit page for a link to an electronic copy of that item.  Unfortunately I do not have electronic copies of all items.  All items listed on this page were also distributed in class and students may always request additional copies of items that do not have a link to an electronic copy.   It is possible that the item in question is a quiz, quest, assess or test that should have been completed in class.  If you do not have this in your binder it may mean that you still need to make up this missed work.  Please make up work within the designated time in order to receive credit.  If you have a grade for this item and simply lost yours, please ask me for a new copy to keep in your binder for future review. The goal is to make sure all students have access to all content material in order to be better prepared for class.  

Introductory Materials

1:  Syllabus
2:  Late Assignment Passes
3:  Hall Passes
4:  Instructions for Course Work
5:  Announcements/Contact Handout
6:  Grading for Laboratory Rubric
7:  Lab Safety Contract
8:  Binder Organization PowerPoint
9:  Binder Rubric
10.  Vocabulary and Flashcard Instructions
11.  Outlining Instructions
12:  POGIL Instructions
13:  CER Rubric
14:  Pop Quick:  Homework Check
15:  Test Taking Strategies


Unit One Materials: The Science of Biology

100:  Unit One Divider:  The Science of Biology
101:  Unit One Learning Targets
102:  Unit One Vocabulary List
103:  Science of Biology Notes
104:  Homework - Branches of Biology
105:  Extra Assignment - Branches of Biology
106:  Quick Quiz:  Branches of Biology
107:  Quick Quiz:  Vocabulary Terms
108:  Characteristics of Life notes
109:  Quick Quiz:  Flashcards
110:  Quick Quiz:  Match the Characteristics
111:  Quick Quiz:  Characteristics of Life
112:  Quick Quiz:  Characteristics of Life Vocabulary
113:  Homework:  Characteristics of Life Concept Web
114:  Characteristics of Life Outline
115:  Quick Quiz:  Match the Characteristics
116:  Biotic and Abiotic Factors Outline
117:  Quick Quiz:  Biotic and Abiotic Outline
118:  Hierarchy of Life notes
119:  Hierarchy of Life study guide
120:  Quick Quiz:  Hierarchy of Life
121:  Phylogeny Notes
122:  Extra Assignment:  A Beetle by Any Other Name
123:  Homework:  Classification Worksheet
124:  Quick Quiz:  Taxa of Life
125:  Classification Based on Evolutionary Relationships Outline
126:  Unit One Binder Assess
127:  Unit One Vocabulary Quest
128:  Interpreting Graphics:  Taxonomy
129:  The Linnaean System of Classification Study Guide Worksheet
130:  Classification Based on Evolutionary Relationships Study Guide Worksheet
131:  POGIL:  Biological Classification 
132:  POGIL:  Building a Cladogram
133:  Phylogeny Notes Outline
134:  Quick Quiz:  Taxonomy and Phylogeny
135:  Domains and Kingdoms handout
136:  Domains and Kingdoms homework
137:  Quick Quiz:  Domains and Kingdoms
138:  Hippo handout
139:  Taxonomic Keys Kit homework
140:  Quick Quiz:  Dichotomous Keys
141:  Unit One Test:  The Science of Biology
142:  Unit One Progress Report and Reflection


Unit Two Materials: The Nature of Science

200:  Unit Two Divider:  The Nature of Science
201:  Unit Two Learning Targets
202:  Unit Two Vocabulary List
203:  Problem Solving Patterns homework
204:  Biologist's Tools and Technology Outline
205:  Quick Quiz:  Biologists' Tools and Technology Outline
206:  Microscope Notes
207:  Microscope Diagrams
208:  Quick Quiz:  Total Magnification
209:  History of the Microscope Homework
210:  Quick Quiz:  Microscope Diagram 
211:  Microscope Lab
212:  Microscope Lab Observation Sheet
213:  Microscope Question and Answer Sheet
214:  Unit Two Test:  Microscopy and Lab Safety
215:  Unit Two Progress Report


Unit Three Materials: Experimental Design

300:  Unit Three Divider:  The Microscope and Experimental Design
301:  Unit Three Learning Targets
302:  Unit Three Vocabulary List
303:  The Scientific Practices:  An Introductory Reading
304:  Scientific Practices Introductory Reading Questions
305:  POGIL:  Experimental Variables
306:  Scientific Thinking and Processes Outline
307:  Quick Quiz:  Scientific Thinking and Processes Outline
308:  The Nature of Science notes
309:  POGIL:  Scientific Inquiry
310:  How Scientists Work reading packet
311:  How Scientists Work Outline
312:  Quick Quiz:  Biogenesis Theory
313:  POGIL:  How Scientist's Work:  Redi's Experiment
314:  Quick Quiz:  Redi's Experiment
315:  Systems and System Models Worksheet
316:  Scientific Method and Observations and Assumptions Worksheet
317:  Variables and Controls Worksheet
318:  Quick Quiz:  Science Vocabulary
319:  Identifying Parts of Experiments Worksheet
320:  Quick Quiz:  Variables Matching
321:  Quick Quiz:  Types of Data
322:  Unit Three Vocabulary Quest
323:  Unit Three Unit Test
324:  Unit Three Progress Report and Reflection


Unit Four Materials: The Chemistry of Life and The Properties of Water

400:  Unit Four Divider:  The Chemistry of Life and The Properties of Water
401:  Unit Four Learning Targets
402:  Unit Four Vocabulary List
403:  Elements song lyrics
404:  Atoms, Ions, and Molecules Outline
405:  Quick Quiz:  Atoms, Ions, and Molecules Outline
406:  Chemistry of Life notes
407:  Periodic Table of the Elements handout
408:  Chemistry of Life Study Guide
409:  Matter and Energy worksheet
410:  Quick Quiz:  Matter and Energy
411:  Atoms Family Worksheet
412:  Quick Quiz:  Atoms and Elements
413:  Chemistry of Life Worksheet
414:  Periodic Table Puzzle
415:  Quick Quiz:  Elements, Atoms, Compounds and Molecules
416:  Binder Assess:  Unit Three and Unit Four
417:  Its a Water Water World song lyrics
418:  Properties of Water Notes
419:  Properties of Water Study Guide
420:  Properties of Water Outline (all three parts)
421:  Quick Quiz:  Life Depends on Hydrogen Bonds Outline
422:  Quick Quiz:  Properties of Water Terminology
423:  Quick Quiz:  Many Compounds Dissolve in Water Outline
424:  Quick Quiz:  Some Compounds form Acids and Bases Outline
425:  Unit Four Vocabulary Quest
426:  Unit Four Test:  Chemistry of Life and Properties of Water
427:  Unit Four Progress Report


Unit Five Materials: Organic Chemistry - The Molecules of Life

500:  Unit Five Divider:  Organic Chemistry - The Molecules of Life
501:  Unit Five Learning Targets
502:  Unit Five Vocabulary List
503:  Carbon Based Molecules Outline
504:  Chains song lyrics
505:  Molecules of Life Notes
506:  Molecules of Life Worksheet
507:  Molecules of Life Study Guide
508:  Quick Quiz:  Molecules of Life
509:  Functional Groups Handout
510:  Quick Quiz:  Macromolecules
511:  Carbohydrates Study Guide
512:  Carbohydrate Worksheet
513:  Quick Quiz:  Carbohydrates
514:  Lipids Study Guide
515:  Lipids Structure Handout
516:  Quick Quiz:  Vocabulary Review Part 1
517:  Lipids Worksheet
518:  Quick Quiz:  Saturated and Unsaturated Fats
519:  Quick Quiz:  Lipid Structure
520:  Nucleic Acid Study Guide
521:  Nucleotide handout
522:  Quick Quiz:  Nucleic Acids
523:  Protein Study Guide
524:  Quick Quiz:  Proteins
525:  Unit Five Vocabulary Quest
526:  Match the Molecules Worksheet
527:  Classifying Biological Molecules Worksheet
528:  Unit Five Binder Assess
529:  Unit Five Test
530:  Unit Five Progress Report

Unit Six Materials:
Cell Biology

600:  Unit Six Divider:  Cell Biology
601:  Unit Six Learning Targets

602:  Unit Six Vocabulary List - Parts I, II and III
603:  Unit Six Vocabulary Review Quest
604:  Cell Theory Outline
605:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Theory Outline
606:  Everybody is Made of Cells song lyrics
607:  Cell Biology Notes - Cell Theory and Cell Characteristics
608:  Introduction to Cells Study Guide
609:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Theory Scientists
610:  Cell Types and Organelle Packet instructions
611:  Prokaryotic Cell Diagram
612:  Eukaryotic Animal Cell Diagram
613:  Eukaryotic Plant Cell Diagram
614:  Prokaryotic Cell Questions worksheet
615:  Eukaryotic Cell Diagram Questions worksheet
616:  Comparing Cell Types Worksheet
617:  POGIL:  Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Cells
618:  Cell Organelles Outline
619:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Characteristics
620:  Cell Structure Challenge
621:  Cell Biology Notes - Cell Organelles and Cell Size
622:  Cell Structure Challenge Chart
623:  Nucleus Handout and Diagram
624:  Mitochondria Handout and Diagram
625:  Chloroplast Handout and Diagram
626:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Structures
627:  Ribosome Handout and Diagram
628:  Plant Cell Diagram
629:  Animal Cell Diagram
630:  Quick Quiz:  More Cell Structures
631:  Ribosome Questions. 
632:  Endomembrane System reading packet
633:  Rough and Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Handout and Diagram
634:  Golgi Apparatus Handout and Diagram
635:  Lysosomes and Food Vacuoles Handout and Diagram
636:  Quick Quiz:  Four More Organelles
637:  Endomembrane System Activity
638:  Quick Quiz:  Endomembrane System Flow
639:  Amoeba Sister Protein Synthesis Worksheet
640:  Quick Quiz:  Three More Organelles
641:  A Proteins Path worksheet
642:  Proteins in the Golgi worksheet
643:  Protein Production and Sorting worksheet 
644:  Unit Six Part One Vocabulary Quest
645:  Cell Wall and Cell Membrane Handout and Diagram
646:  Central Vacuole Handout and Diagram
647:  Quick Quiz:  Chloroplast and Mitochondria
648:  Cytoskeleton Handout and Diagram
649:  Centrosome Handout and Diagram
650:  Basal Bodies, Cilia, and Flagella Handout and Diagram
651:  Quick Quiz:  Cytoskeleton
652:  POGIL:  Cell Size
653:  Cell Size Notes
654:  Cell Biology Part One Tuest
655:  Cell Membrane Outline
656:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Membrane Outline
657:  Cell Membrane "Check Your Outline" Worksheet
658:  Diffusion and Osmosis Outline
659:  Quick Quiz:  Diffusion and Osmosis Outline
660:  Diffusion and Osmosis 
"Check Your Outline" Worksheet
661:  Active Transport, Endocytosis and Exocytosis Outline
662:  Quick Quiz:  Active Transport, Endocytosis and Exocytosis Outline
663:  Active Transport, Endocytosis and Exocytosis 
"Check Your Outline" Worksheet 
664:  Cell Biology Part 2 Content Quest
665:  Those Magic Membranes song lyrics
666:  Cell Membrane Diagram
667:  Cell Membrane Notes
668:  Quick Quiz:  Foundational Vocabulary
669:  POGIL:  Membrane Structure and Function
670:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Membranes and POGIL
671:  Passive Transport Notes (Board Notes and PPT)
672:  Diffusion Diagram and Questions
673:  Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Diffusion Questions
674:  Diffusion Worksheet
675:  Quick Quiz:  Diffusion
676:  Osmosis Worksheet #1
677:  Osmosis Worksheet
678:  Osmosis Worksheet #2
679:  Quick Quiz:  Osmosis
680:  Osmosis Diagram and Worksheet
681:  Osmosis Part 2 Worksheet
682:  Osmosis in Cells
683:  POGIL:  Transport in Cells
684:  Quick Quiz:  Osmoregulation
685:  Facilitated Diffusion Diagram and Questions
686:  Facilitated Diffusion Worksheet
687:  Quick Quiz:  Passive Transport
688:  Active Transport Notes
689:  Sodium Potassium Pump Diagram and Questions
690:  Primary and Secondary Active Transport Worksheet
691:  Primary Active Transport Worksheet
692:  Endocytosis and Exocytosis Diagram and Questions 
693:  Endocytosis and Exocytosis Worksheet
694:  Cell Biology Part 2 Vocabulary Quest
695:  Cell Biology Part 2 Tuest
696:  Cell Cycle Outline
697:  Quick Quiz:  Cell Cycle Outline
698:  Mitosis and Cytokinesis Outline
699:  POGIL:  Cell Cycle
6000:  Cell Cycle Rap
6001:  Cell Cycle Notes
6002:  Cell Cycle Power Notes Worksheet
6003:  Quick Quiz:  Eukaryotic Cell Cycle
6004:  DNA Structure Outline
6005:  Quick Quiz:  DNA Structure
6006:  DNA Replication Outline
6007:  Quick Quiz:  DNA Replication
6008:  POGIL:  DNA Structure and Replication
6009:  DNA Replication Packet
6010:  DNA Replication Worksheet
6011:  DNA Replication Board Notes
6012:  Amoeba Sisters Video Recap of DNA Replication
6013:  Quick Quiz:  DNA Structure and Replication
6014:  Cell Biology Part III Quest
6015:  Regulation of the Cell Cycle Outline
6016:  Quick Quiz:  Regulation of the Cell Cycle Outline
6017:  Asexual Reproduction Outline
6018:  Quick Quiz:  Asexual Reproduction Outline
6019:  Cell Specialization Outline
6020:  Quick  Quiz:  Cell Specialization
6021:  Cell Biology Part III Tuest
6022:  Cell Biology Unit  Vocabulary Quest
6023:  Amoeba Sisters:  Introduction to Cells video worksheet
6024:  Cell Transport Types worksheet
6025:  Unit Six Test:  Cell Biology


Unit Seven Materials: Biochemistry and Photosynthesis

700:  Unit Seven Divider:  Biochemistry and Photosynthesis
701:  Unit Seven Learning Targets
702:  Unit Seven Vocabulary List
703:  Chemical Reactions Outline
704:  Quick Quiz:  Chemical Reactions Outline
705:  Introduction to Biochemistry PPT Notes
706:  Quick Quiz:  Matter and Energy #1
707:  Exothermic and Endothermic worksheet
708:  Chemical Reactions Power Notes
709:  Quick Quiz:  Chemical Reactions Vocabulary and Graphs
710:  Enzymes outline
711:  Quick Quiz:  Ready for Enzymes
712:  Enzymes song lyrics
713:  Chemical Reactions Study Guide worksheet
714:  Bozeman Video Worksheet
715:  Enzyme notes
716:  Enzyme Study Guide (self made)
717:  Quick Quiz:  Reaction Rates
718:  POGIL:  Free Energy and Enzymes
719:  Chemical Energy and ATP outline
720:  Quick Quiz:  Chemical Energy and ATP
721:  ATP notes
722:  Free Energy Diagrams worksheet
723:  POGIL:  Firefly Enzymes
724:  Chemical Energy and ATP worksheet
725:  Quick Quiz:  Chemical Energy, Enzymes and ATP
726:  Overview Photosynthesis outline
727:  Quick Quiz:  Overview Photosynthesis outline
728:  Photosynthesis in Detail outline
729:  Quick Quiz:  Photosynthesis in Detail outline


Unit Eight Materials: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

800:  Unit Eight Divider:  Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
801:  Unit Eight Learning Targets
802:  Unit Eight Vocabulary List


Unit Nine Materials                                                   

900:  Unit Nine Divider:                                                                            


Unit Ten Materials



Unit Eleven Materials

1100:  Unit Eleven Divider: 


Unit Twelve Materials

1200:  Unit Twelve Divider: 


Unit Thirteen Materials

1300:  Unit Thirteen Divider: 


Unit Fourteen Materials

1400:  Unit Fourteen Divider: 


Unit Fifteen Materials: 

1500:  Unit Fifteen Divider: 


Unit Sixteen Materials: 

1600:  Unit Sixteen Divider: