Table of Contents

Maintaining a binder is an important and required part of this class.  As we do not have the funds to purchase a textbook for each student to take home and study nightly we will create our own textbooks!  We will assemble these binders throughout the school year.  A portion of each class will be dedicated to identifying and labeling each item to be kept in each student's binder.  Since a portion of class time is devoted to binder creation and maintenance a subsequent portion of this courses grade will be based on each student's binder.  Please refer to Binder Organization and Binder Rubric for additional grading requirements.  There will also be a Binder Assess each unit grading the organization and completeness of each binder.  

Students are responsible for making sure copies of all items listed on the Table of Contents can be found in the correct location in their binder.  If a student is missing an item they may check the corresponding unit page for a link to an electronic copy of that item.  Unfortunately I do not have electronic copies of all items.  All items listed on this page were also distributed in class and students may always request additional copies of items that do not have a link to an electronic copy.   It is possible that the item in question is a quiz, quest, assess or test that should have been completed in class.  If you do not have this in your binder it may mean that you still need to make up this missed work.  Please make up work within the designated time in order to receive credit.  If you have a grade for this item and simply lost yours, please ask me for a new copy to keep in your binder for future review. The goal is to make sure all students have access to all content material in order to be better prepared for class.  

Introductory Materials

1:  Syllabus
2:  Late Assignment Passes
3:  Hall Passes
4:  Instructions for Course Work
5:  Announcements/Contact Handout
6:  Grading for Laboratory Rubric
7:  Lab Safety Contract
8:  Binder Organization PowerPoint
9:  Binder Rubric
10.  Vocabulary and Flashcard Instructions
11.  Outlining Instructions
12:  POGIL Instructions
13:  CER Rubric
14:  Pop Quick:  Homework Check


Unit One Materials: The Science of Biology

100:  Unit One Divider:  The Science of Biology
101:  Unit One Learning Targets
102:  Unit One Vocabulary List
103:  Science of Biology Notes
104:  Homework - Branches of Biology
105:  Extra Assignment - Branches of Biology
106:  Quick Quiz:  Branches of Biology
107:  Quick Quiz:  Vocabulary Terms
108:  Characteristics of Life notes
109:  Quick Quiz:  Flashcards
110:  Quick Quiz:  Match the Characteristics
111:  Quick Quiz:  Characteristics of Life
112:  Quick Quiz:  Characteristics of Life Vocabulary
113:  Homework:  Characteristics of Life Concept Web
114:  Characteristics of Life Outline
115:  Quick Quiz:  Match the Characteristics
116:  Biotic and Abiotic Factors Outline
117:  Quick Quiz:  Biotic and Abiotic Outline
118:  Hierarchy of Life notes
119:  Hierarchy of Life study guide
120:  Quick Quiz:  Hierarchy of Life
121:  Phylogeny Notes
122:  Extra Assignment:  A Beetle by Any Other Name
123:  Homework:  Classification Worksheet
124:  Quick Quiz:  Taxa of Life
125:  Classification Based on Evolutionary Relationships Outline
126:  Unit One Binder Assess
127:  Unit One Vocabulary Quest
128:  Interpreting Graphics:  Taxonomy
129:  The Linnaean System of Classification Study Guide Worksheet
130:  Classification Based on Evolutionary Relationships Study Guide Worksheet
131:  POGIL:  Biological Classification 
132:  POGIL:  Building a Cladogram
133:  Phylogeny Notes Outline


Unit Two Materials: The Nature of Science

200:  Unit Two Divider:  The Nature of Science
201:  Unit Two Learning Targets
202:  Unit Two Vocabulary List
203:  T


Unit Three Materials: Experimental Design

300:  Unit Three Divider:  The Microscope and Experimental Design
301:  Unit Three Learning Targets
302:  Unit Three Vocabulary List


Unit Four Materials: The Chemistry of Life and The Properties of Water

400:  Unit Four Divider:  The Chemistry of Life and The Properties of Water
401:  Unit Four Learning Targets
402:  Unit Four Vocabulary List


Unit Five Materials: Organic Chemistry - The Molecules of Life

500:  Unit Five Divider:  Organic Chemistry - The Molecules of Life
501:  Unit Five Learning Targets
502:  Unit Five Vocabulary List
503:  Chains song lyrics

Unit Six Materials:
Cell Biology

600:  Unit Six Divider:  Cell Biology
601:  Unit Six Learning Targets

602:  Unit Six Vocabulary List - Parts I, II and III


Unit Seven Materials: Biochemistry and Photosynthesis

700:  Unit Seven Divider:  Biochemistry and Photosynthesis
701:  Unit Seven Learning Targets
702:  Unit Seven Vocabulary List


Unit Eight Materials: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

800:  Unit Eight Divider:  Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
801:  Unit Eight Learning Targets
802:  Unit Eight Vocabulary List


Unit Nine Materials                                                   

900:  Unit Nine Divider:                                                                            


Unit Ten Materials



Unit Eleven Materials

1100:  Unit Eleven Divider: 


Unit Twelve Materials

1200:  Unit Twelve Divider: 


Unit Thirteen Materials

1300:  Unit Thirteen Divider: 


Unit Fourteen Materials

1400:  Unit Fourteen Divider: 


Unit Fifteen Materials: 

1500:  Unit Fifteen Divider: 


Unit Sixteen Materials: 

1600:  Unit Sixteen Divider: