This picture was taken at the Diamond Botanical Gardens in a rain forest on the island of St. Lucia  (December, 2008)

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Natasha Yust Averett
National Board Certified Teacher
Science Department Chair
Randall K Cooper High School
2855 Longbranch Road
Union, Kentucky 41091
Phone:  (859) 384-5040  Ext:  15203
Fax:  (859) 384 - 5049


Do more than exist, live.

Do more than touch, feel.

Do more than look, observe.

Do more than read, absorb.

Do more than hear, listen.

Do more than listen, understand.

Do more than think, ponder.

Do more than talk, say something.

John. H. Rhoades


This website is designed to help Mrs. Averett's students be successful.  Here you will find course information, online resources, class notes, assignments and worksheets for your Biology or  Honors Biology , or Advanced Topics in Science class.

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It is my passion, as so eloquently define by the National Research Council, to ensure that all students have some appreciation of the beauty and  wonder of science; possess sufficient knowledge of science and engineering to engage in public discussions on related issues; are careful consumers of scientific and technological information related to their everyday lives; are able to continue to learn about science outside school, and have the skills to enter careers of their choice, including (but not limited to) careers in science, engineering, and technology. 

To accomplish this goal it is my desire to help students become aware of seven crosscutting concepts that span the various disciplines of science, to learn how to participate in eight fundamental scientific practices  and to learn about the core ideas in the life sciences.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. 

-Martin Luther King Jr.